Thursday, March 23, 2017

REPORT: NSA To Provide "Smoking Gun" Proof Obama Spied On Trump

By Tyler Durden

Yesterday, Republican Devin Nunez Nunes held an explosive press conference outside the White House in which he told reporters that communications from the Trump team were picked up and disseminated within the government during the 2016 campaign. 

Not surprisingly, the comments ruffled some liberal feathers and the mainstream media launched an immediate smear campaign calling for Nunes to resign his post immediately. 

Now, according to Fox News sources, Congressional investigators expect that a potential “smoking gun” from the NSA establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the President-Elect himself, will be produced to the House Intelligence Committee as early as tomorrow.

Investigate Adam Schiff and John McCain

By Jen Kuznicki

In the Daily Mail today, “Now anonymous government officials accuse Trump aides of giving Russians the ‘thumbs up’ for election hacks: New claim in growing feud over Obama administration ‘snooping’ on Donald“

In it, Jennifer Rubin’s favorite Democrat, Adam Schiff claims the evidence he has that Trump’s aides colluded with the Russians in an attempt to hack the elections is, “more than circumstantial.”

Larwyn's Linx: No Thug Left Behind

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No Thug Left Behind: Katherine Kersten
Chuck Schumer’s Latest Ploy: Delay Gorsuch Vote Till After FBI Russia Probe: The Lid
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Supreme Court Finds Obama Violated the Constitution in a 6-2 Decision: Sentinel
Obama "DREAMER" Charged With Murder Of Two Teens In Colorado: IACR
De Blasio: We Are Preparing NYC Schools to Resist ICE Agents: Cortney O'Brien

Doctors Can Improve Health Care– Not Government: Julie Borowski
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Trump Administration Hosting First Anti-ISIS Coalition Meeting: FoxBiz


Assembly Bill 946 - California looking to punish contractors who help build wall: AT
Obamacare’s $1 Trillion Tax Burden & Beyond: GOP
WUT: Ezekiel Emanuel Meeting Trump To Help Plan Trumpcare: Daily Wire

Scandal Central

Chairman Nunes Says Trump’s General Use of “Wiretapping” Was Correct: LI
Nunes: FBI Not Cooperating with Our Investigation into Trump Camp Surveillance: Grabien
Another Reason To Impeach Anti-Trump Judge Theodore Chuang: CHQ

Illegal Lobbying: Oh-oh! Rahm's private emails are spilling the beans: Thomas Lifson
Suspect in rape at Maryland school was stopped 7 months ago by Border Patrol: WaPo
Graphic details emerge of violent sexual assault of girl, 14: DailyMail


Hannity on Maryland high school rape: 'We're not protecting the American people': Fox
Mothers of sons killed by illegals weigh in on rape scandal: Fox
Parliament terror attack celebrated by ISIS as revenge for airstrikes in Mosul: TheSun


UK: Witness saw Muslim with 8-inch knife heading toward Parliament building: Robert Spencer
London under attack — and leftists laughing at Tommy Robinson: Caolan Robertson
Five dead, around 40 injured in UK parliament 'terrorist' attack: Reuters

‘Where Are Your Jews?’ Watchdog Rebukes Arab States Accusing Israel of Apartheid: Algemeiner
Islamic extremists declare a Sharia law zone in a London suburb: DailyMail
Tories accuse Liberals of ‘ramming through whatever the f— they want’ to make changes to House procedure: NP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Battery Bombs - U.S. Raid in Yemen Led to Laptop Ban on Flights, Officials Say: DailyBeast
Retrofuturistic Dreams: Postponed, but Not Yet Failed: Merkle
BlackBerry’s clever new Android app keeps people from peeping at your screen: TNW


This Special Needs Teacher Needs Your Help Getting iPads: A.P. Dillon
Lawyer for Russian whistleblower's family falls out of apartment building before court date: CNBC
Say “Cheese”: MOTUS

Image: Four killed, 40 injured in vehicle and knife assault near British Parliament
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QOTD: "Three intelligence sources told The Daily Beast that the ban on carry-on electronics aboard U.S.-bound flights from 10 airports in North Africa and the Middle East was the result of information seized during a U.S. raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen in January. The United Kingdom joined the U.S. ban Tuesday.

Information from the raid shows al Qaeda's successful development of compact, battery bombs that fit inside laptops or other devices believed to be strong enough to bring down an aircraft, the sources said. The battery bombs would need to be manually triggered, a source explained, which is why the electronics ban is only for the aircraft cabin not checked luggage." --Jana Winter and Clive Irving

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The New Democratic Party

By Herbert London

Where is the Democratic party? The party of political giants like FDR, LBJ and JFK is missing in action along with the letters that defined its heroes. This is now the party of Obama, Schumer, Pelosi - a facsimile of the past and a party without direction and policy guidelines.

America needs a two-party system. Differences are desirable within a Constitutional framework. Parties have served the nation well; albeit exceptions abound.

However, in my opinion, the nation has entered a new phase in party history. The Democratic party has become the party of NO. It stands against Trump, but it offers almost nothing of substance. A party that was the incubator of ideas is now bereft of them. More importantly, the Democratic party is intent on using any method in its quiver to hurt Republican counterparts. Politics may not be bean bag, but it wasn't a bloodsport until recently. Now Democrats view Republicans as the "enemy" and, of course, enemies must be defeated.

LOTS OF JOB OPPORTUNITIES: With a Degree In Climate Justice From Lyndon State College

By William Teach

You too can learn all about spreading awareness and nagging people:

New Climate Change Science Degree at LSC to Tackle Global Problem

A new Bachelor of Science degree in Climate Change Science at Lyndon State College, to be launched this fall, will give students skills to confront the pervasive problems caused by global climate issues.

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Bloviating Democrats Humiliate Themselves At Gorsuch, Comey Hearings: Federalist
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Ties to 'Secretive Billionaire' Controversial for Gorsuch, Not for Dems: Alex Griswold
Minnesota: Land of 10K lakes, and one loon in the Senate: David Leach
Al Franken Crossed the Line With Gorsuch Chastising: Ronn Blitzer

Hillary's puppets, the Khans, get caught lying in publicity stunt scam: Daniel Greenfield
Now Milk is Racist: Dave Blount
Islamedicalphobia: Lloyd Billingsley

Cinco de Cancelled: Brent Smith
Donald Trump Joins Mitch McConnell to Sell Healthcare Bill in Kentucky: Breitbart
Ryancare Updates: Provision to Crack Down on Illegal Aliens Deleted from GOP Plan: Jim Hoft

Sanctuary Travis County Released 142 Criminal Aliens in Week, Says ICE: Breitbart
Trump pressures 'sanctuary cities' that won't hold undocumented immigrants: Alan Gomez
Sean Spicer Slams Obnoxious Reporter Interrupting Press Briefing: Lookout


Trump’s Budget Is An Attack On The Bureaucratic State: David Harsanyi
What Happens When a Poor City Raises Its Minimum Wage to $15?: Tanvi Misra
Rich New Yorkers ask state to raise their taxes: David Klepper

Scandal Central

Podesta Was Board Member Of Firm Linked To Russian ‘Investors’: Richard Pollock
Hannity: The Real Scandal Is Laws Are Being Broken: FNI
Arab-American group may have violated nonprofit ethics law: watchdog: Post


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Chelsea Clinton Actually Does Care About the Money: David Rutz
"You're Calling Fellow American Citizens 'Nazis' for Enforcing Federal Law Passed by Congress?": FNI
CNN Suddenly Concerned About Costs to Protect First Lady: Spencer Irvine


U.S. Raid in Yemen Led to Laptop Ban on Flights, Officials Say: CounterJihad
9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia, accuse U.S. “ally” of complicity in terrorist attack: Creeping
Syria Launches Missiles Targeting Israeli Aircraft Following Airstrike: Joshua Ely

UK: Cops drag anti-mass migration activist off streets for asking questions: Christine Williams
'Asylum Seekers' Are Now Making Their Way to 'Sanctuary City' Toronto: Leah Barkoukis
Muslim Woman Prays Inside of McDonald’s – Scares Children at Playground: Cristina Laila

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A simple command allows the CIA to commandeer 318 models of Cisco switches: Ars
During Learning, Neurons Deep in Brain Engage in a Surprising Level of Activity: Neuroscience News
Military magnetic field breakthrough could lead to mind reading computers: DailyMail

Super cool time lapse video of cell division: Jason Kottke
Screenshot? Ugh, you’re doing it wrong!: Jason Zimdars
Who's liable for decisions AI and robotics make?: Ben Taylor


Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey located by FBI abroad: DailyMail
J. Edgar Comey: “Such Men Are Dangerous”: MOTUS
What it's like to fly above Mars: Mark Prigg

Image: Podesta Was Board Member Of Firm Linked To Russian ‘Investors’
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WHOA: Even Dick Durbin Blasts Democrat Anti-Gorsuch Strategy

By ARsquared

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has taken a different tone regarding the confirmation process of Judge Gorsuch, and his Democrat colleagues should take note. While radical left-wingers like Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and Jeff Merkley have said they would oppose Gorsuch even before the hearing, Sen. Durbin stated rejected that kind of behavior, saying: “I don’t think that serves the country well.”

Here is what he told The New York Times last month:

GET THIS: Dames Freak When a Man Identifying as a Woman "Wins" a Female Weightlifting Competition

By William Teach

As Ace notes, this type of thing is going to become more and more common. I’m waiting for the 3rd Wave Feminists to suddenly realize that people with dangley bits are suddenly beating biological women in sports competitions and that This Is Not Fair™:

Transgender Weightlifter Wins Women’s Competition

A transgender weightlifter who transitioned from male to female caused outrage after he won a female competition Sunday.

Larwyn's Linx: The UniParty Congressional Swamp’s Meaningless Political FBI/NSA Hearing

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The UniParty Congressional Swamp’s Meaningless Political FBI/NSA Hearing: Treehouse
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The Federal Government is Not Your Friend: Elephant


JW Sues Education Dept. over Cover up Of Increasing Student Loan Failures: JW
The Immigration Policy America Needs: Bloomberg
Chicago values: City still paying for failed Olympics bid: Marathon

Scandal Central

Yes, the FBI is Investigating the Trump Campaign: Matthew Vadum
Flashback: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal: TruePundit
Trey Gowdy Reminds Comey that Obama Officials Leaking Against Trump Face up to 10 Years in Prison: GWP

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Thanks to Shale, America Is the Global Green Leader: AmInt


#FakeNews: Bogus New CNN Poll Asserts 84% of Trump Voters Support Amnesty: David Seminara
WaPo Alters Headline to Maximize Bleeding Heart Spin, Detract From the Actual Issue: Dave Blount
ABC News Falls for Spoof Trump Twitter Handle: Jerry Bader

Muslim BBC Reporter Asks How Blasphemy Should Be Punished: Daniel Greenfield
Napolitano Off the Air at Fox: Scoop
Judge Neil Gorsuch Because of 138,000 Contacts: Jon Meadows


Is Europe Lost?: The Z Man
Trump Administration Sends Strong Signal to Russia by Indicting Hackers: Garrison Rutledge
North Korea may have ICBM capabilities: TruNews

French Police Seek Motive of Man Who Attacked Orly Airport While Shouting "Die for Allah": Ace
FBI, NSA: ‘No evidence’ Russia manipulated US vote tallying: Kyle Olson
In Sweden, Every Girl In One School Underwent Female Genital Mutilation: Ace

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

UK and European ISPs Now Blocking Jihad Watch — How You Can Combat Online Censorship: Jihad Watch
GOP Lawmaker to FBI: Stop the Leaks in Russia Probe or Lose A Key Surveillance Tool: Patrick Tucker
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the fairest rectangle of them all?: Aeon


Trump Poses Huge New Threat to 2nd Amendment Rights, Says Gun Shop Owner: IMAO
Is There Anything This Man Cannot Do?: MOTUS
Usborne Release More 1980s Computer Books: Jenny List

Image: My Take on Wiretapping, Trump, and Comey
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QOTD: "There is only ONE KNOWN Factual and CRIMINAL activity currently identified: the unmasking and leaking of Mike Flynn’s name to the media.

Yet not a single congressional intelligence committee member would ask Rogers or Comey -under oath- if they were the source of: A) “The Unmasking”, and/or B) “The Leaking”.

Stop for a moment and think about that glaring an intentional non inquiry against the expressed intention of the purpose of the committee.

UniParty." --Sundance

Monday, March 20, 2017

COMEY: The Flynn Leak Was the Only Felony We Know Of, But I Won’t Say Whether We’re Investigating

By Rush Limbaugh

A Democrat congresswoman asked James Comey to explain the process of an ongoing investigation.

He said, “Well, that’s pretty much what it is, it’s an ongoing investigation.”

She said, “Well, can you tell us how long it will take?” “Well, no.” “Well, can you give us the average time of an ongoing investigation?” “Well, there is no average time. Each investigation is its own investigation, and we never limit or prejudge. We follow the facts. We follow the evidence.”

Well, they’re following a lot of nothing right now. Because there isn’t any evidence. None whatsoever.

DRAINING THE STATE DEPT. SWAMP: Why It Must Be Job One for the White House

By Bruce Thornton

President Trump has proposed a 31 percent cut in the State Department’s budget, and the denizens of Foggy Bottom are howling. All the usual delusions about diplomacy, foreign aid, “soft power,” and “engagement” are being trotted out to rationalize the $47 billions of taxpayer money State spends. What we don’t hear about are examples of diplomatic successes that would justify maintaining an overfunded bureaucracy mired in internationalist received wisdom.

Larwyn's Linx: The Hate Group That Incited the Middlebury Melee

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Tammy Baldwin Pays 90K To Clinton Lawyer For Crisis Control After VA Scandal: RWN
'Jewish privilege' posters proliferate at UIC: Jackson Richman and Adam Sabes
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Rand Paul Gets Real on Flynn-tel: Scoop
President Trump’s Week: Wiretaps, Media, and Judicial Skullduggery: Clarice Feldman


With Merkel’s Visit, Trump Wins Again: John Hinderaker
This blog post was not brought to you by the National Endowment for the Arts: John Ruberry
Anti-Trump Labor Strike Planned for Communist Holiday: Katherine Rodriguez

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Top Democratic Lobbyist Bundlers Tied to Russian Interests: Joe Schoffstall
Facebook failed to remove sexualised images of children: Angus Crawford
BBC Tells Facebook About Child Porn on the Network, Facebook Reports BBC to Police: Matt Novak


Dr. Death Melts Down on Fox News Sunday: FAM
New York Times Misuses Data to Criticize Defunding of Planned Parenthood: Chuck Donovan
There is no dealmaker on Earth crafty enough to save TrumpCare: Joel Dodge

How Leonardo DiCaprio Can Persuade Me on Climate Change: Scott Adams
Dershowitz: Courts Implying If Obama Issued Trump Travel Ban, It Would Be Constitutional: Josh Feldman
Tim Allen says being a conservative in Hollywood is like living in 1930's Germany: Fox


Muslim Religious Leader Describes How to Divvy Up European Slaves: @Ten_GOP
Watch what happens Tommy Robinson criticizes Islam: Caolan Robertson
Secretary Tillerson Ends China Visit Amid Warm Words on Both Sides: Treehouse

Nikki Haley for the win: UN withdraws anti-Israel report and official resigns: LI
French born, Arab apostate on French TV explains the dangers of Islam to civilization: Vlad Tepes
Reports from Cuba: It appears he is right: Babalu

Russian spy ship returns to East Coast of US: Luis Martinez
Bakers in Venezuela arrested for baking cakes: SPEISA
Socialism explained in one image: Babalu

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Twitter Alternative Gab Is Worth a Second Look If You Slept on It Early: Ethan Ralph
U.S. Air Force Buying Special Drone-Snagging Shotgun Shells: TheDrive
Uber president quits after just 6 months on the job: Abhimanyu Ghoshal


No Presidential Brackets This Year: MOTUS
In an Israeli warehouse, clues about Jesus' life and death: Daniel Estrin
Trump Supporters Get Unexpected Surprise Visit With President Trump in Mar-a-Lago: Treehouse

Image: Cruz Defends Trump On Spying Claims – Obama Targeted Political Enemies Before
Sponsored by: My Beer Fund

QOTD: "It seems finally to be penetrating the minds of his more perfervid enemies that Trump will serve his term, and the hope for a quick destruction of his presidency by inciting the country, through their nasty parrots in the media, to believe that it had inadvertently, and through shabby manipulation of the electoral system with the collusion of the Kremlin, had foisted upon it government by Frankenstein, isn’t making it. Given all that has happened, the hysteria over the migrant order, the whole farrago of Russian nonsense, and this de-escalation has been another heavy defeat for Trump’s enemies. He has been facing a media that is 90 percent hostile and invents more news than it fairly reports... has been a baptism by fire and defamation that have failed." --Conrad Black

Sunday, March 19, 2017

SPAIN: Still on the Agenda of the Militant Lutherans

By Hugh Fitzgerald

“We will recover al-Andalus, Allah willing. Oh dear Andalus! You thought we forgot about you. I swear by Allah we have never forgotten you. No Muslim can forget Córdoba, Toledo or Xàtiva. There are many faithful and sincere Muslims who swear they will return to al-Andalus.” — Islamic State video, January 31, 2016

Muslims are keenly aware that they once controlled most of the Iberian Peninsula, and that it took the Christians 700 years of war, the Reconquista, to recover, kingdom by kingdom, all of that territory. The final victory over the Muslims took place in 1492, when the Kingdom of Granada was won by the Christians. There are now many millions of Muslims all over Europe, in France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia, always much in the news because of the disruptions that they cause, as they challenge the laws and customs of the Infidels, vacuum up every conceivable welfare-state benefit, repay their benefactors with skyrocketing rates of criminality, and commit acts of terrorism as a useful adjunct to the relentless demographic conquest and stealth jihad inflicted on their unhappy hosts. And Spain, though it does not as yet have as large a Muslim presence as that found elsewhere in Europe. remains quite special in Muslim hearts.

Larwyn's Linx: Trump: ‘People are screaming to break up the 9th Circuit’; Here’s how to do it

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Trump: ‘People are screaming to break up the 9th Circuit’; Here’s how to do it: Nate Madden
The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age: Fred Siegel
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It’s Time Someone Slapped Down the Rogue Federal Courts: Brent Smith
2 "migrants" charged with raping girl in high school bathroom: Fox-5
Female Genital Mutilation Triples in United States: CounterJihad

The Judicial Insurrection against Trump’s Presidency: LI
Obama's College Grades More Secure Than State Secrets, Trump's Taxes: IndSent
Fiery Calif. town hall shatters MSM’s immigration, anti-Trump mantra: BPR

Bummer: Trump Plans To Cancel Illegal Alien Program California Depends On: RWN
One Way Trump Can Win on Health Care: Mickey Kaus
Meals on Wheels & Trump’s Budget: Media Misleads about Funding Cuts: NR


CBO Analyst: Higher Taxes, Government Programs Decrease Incentive to Work: Ali Meyer
Half of kids in top 700 school systems from immigrant homes, 30% illegally: Exam
Trump’s Budget Cuts ‘Public Arts’ And Leaves Tucker Carlson Laughing: RWN

Scandal Central

The Traitors Of Our Republic: Politically Short (2015)
Police Officers’ Spouses Terrorized With Threats Of Murder And Rape From DAPL Protesters: WZ
California Bill: Unprotected Sex Without Disclosing HIV-Positive Status No Longer a Felony: KTLA

Climate, Energy & Regulations

EPA has been neglecting clean air to freelance on climate change: William Yeatman


WaPo Devastated As Illegal Immigrants Ditch Food Stamps "So Trump Won't Deport Them": ZH
Trump blasts 'fake news' coverage of 'great' meeting with Merkel: Eddie Scarry
Meltdown: CNN Anchor’s Profanity-Laced Comments About Trump: Kevin Jackson

7-week losing streak: CNN ratings come in behind MSNBC ... again!: CR
Nancy Pelosi’s Health Care Tweet Gets Unintended Response: Madeleine Weast
By the NYT’s Own Standards, Paper Should Hold Obama Responsible for Spying: Jeffrey Lord


The top Iran official at the State Department is an Obama loyalist who sold Iran deal lies: CR
Mexico Asserts A 'Human Right' To Be An Illegal: Monica Showalter
Trump says US ‘must be paid more’ to defend Germany: WaPo

Radicalized Muslim known to security agencies shot dead in 'terror' incident at Paris Orly airport: MFS-TON
Canadian gender-neutral pronoun bill is a warning for Americans: Jordan Peterson
If You Ever See This On Your Windshield Call The Police ASAP: qPolitical

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Mini-nukes and mosquito-like robot weapons being primed for future warfare: Jeff Daniels
How space has revolutionized American warfare: C4ISRnet
Scaling Consensus? This Turing Winner Thinks He's Found a Way: Amy Caster


No Presidential Brackets This Year: MOTUS
Hillary Appears Once Again: Am Ready to ‘Come Out of the Woods’: RWN
Ex-Power Ranger Pleads Guilty to Killing Roommate With Sword: NBC-4

Image: Woman of the People: Hillary Gets $1200 Haircut, Seen With $2500 Handbag in NYC
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

SPEAK TRUTH: The Reagan Approach to Crushing Radical Islam

By Lawrence Sellin

Many experts, genuine or self-proclaimed, assert that the battle against radical Islam will be won, not so much by killing its adherents, but by discrediting the ideology.

That sounds profound indeed, yet, what exactly does it mean?

Former Trump National Security Advisor retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn in his 2016 book "The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies," suggested using psychological operations and counter-propaganda, through federal government channels, schools, media and social networks to discredit the "evil (religious) doctrines" motivating jihadists.

Larwyn's Linx: R-1 Visa Program Has Ushered Jihadists Into the U.S. for Years

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R-1 Visa Program Has Ushered Jihadists Into the U.S. for Years: Sara Noble
Refuting, once again, the big lie about 18-24 months of vetting!: Ann Corcoran
Plaintiff behind Trump travel ban runs Muslim Brotherhood mosque: Leo Hohmann

Justice Department turns against CFPB in constitutionality case: Kate Berry
Where Trump team could downsize refugee program with funding cuts: Ann Corcoran
Trump cracks the whip on Obamacare, fueling GOP momentum: Politico

Sore Losers Pass Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates To Release Taxes: RWN
Evidence in General Michael Flynn Investigation Leads to Hillary Clinton: GWP
Steve Eisman: Smart, Lucky, Abrasive and Now One of Them: Jim Quinn

Is Trump Going to Go Nuclear on the Judiciary?: Ace
Laptop with Trump Tower floor plans stolen from Secret Service: NYDN
House Republicans want ‘convention of states’ to amend constitution: Radio Iowa


Trump Budget Slashes DOL Funding: Bill McMorris
Mark Levin thinks discussion of Trump's budget is missing just one thing: Chris Pandolfo
10 Good Reasons to Kill Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts: Laurence Jarvik

Scandal Central

Watch "The Benghazi Cover Up : A sequence from my film The Caliphate": Lee Stranahan
“There is nothing in the absence of freedom of speech but tyranny and slavery.”: WRSA
Vault 7’s Corroborating Witness: WRSA

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Is Trump Backing Off Of Promise To Leave Paris Climate Agreement?: RWN


Reason 7,014 Not to Use Expedia: Chelsea Freaking Clinton Named to Expedia Board: Daniel Chaitin
10 times Ann Coulter left Liberals speechless, and holding their heads in shame: TruthSeries
Donna Brazile finally admits she shared debate questions with Clinton campaign: Eddie Scarry

Forgotten Interview Reveals How Russia Really Views Obama's Legacy: ZH
"Can We Get A Handshake?" The Press Asks As Trump Meets Merkel: ZH
Trump sends happy birthday letter to oldest living Pearl Harbor veteran Ray Chavez: Exam


Dear Jewish Federation, Anti Defamation League: Children of Holocaust Survivors
The Soros vs. Trump Showdown: JB Williams
ISIS hacker who published ‘kill lists’ reportedly killed in U.S. drone strike: Lisa Daftari

Erdoğan to fellow Turks living in Europe: ‘’You are the Future of Europe": GWP
ISIS Could Eradicate Christians From Middle East: Adam Kredo
An American Working in Mexico [Verified]: American Digest

162,000 refugees came to Sweden - 494 got jobs: SPEISA
Canada: Man arrested for walking dog near Muslims in public park: Creeping
Toronto: Muslim prof says “nothing radical” about wanting Sharia and caliphate: JihadWatch

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How to Build a Product Loved by Millions and Get Acquired by Google: The Firebase Story: HackerNoon
Google gets search warrant for everyone who searched crime victim’s name: Search Engine Land
Crafty Phishing Technique Can Trick Even Tech-Savvy Gmail Users: TNW


Hillary and Huma spotted after day at top store's salon: DailyMail
The Saint Patrick's Day Ostrich: Woodsterman
St. Patrick’s Day: And All Is Well: MOTUS

Image: St. Patrick’s Day: And All Is Well
Sponsored by: My Beer Fund

QOTD: "The seven [travel ban] countries all share one common thread, they are hotbeds of Islamic Extremism whose main aim is to wipe out Western Civilization as we know it and, more specifically, to wipe out the Jews. Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Lybia and Sudan are failed states where the concept of verifiable, trustworthy official documents no longer exists. Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism which denies [the] Holocaust and openly calls for the destruction of [the] state of Israel and eventually [the] U.S... a former refugee myself, I am deeply offended by your implication that all refugees are created equal. That is also simply not true. The European refugees like ourselves, came here to integrate, to contribute and to help build this country, founded on Judeo-Christian values. The Muslim refugees from the seven countries as well as Arab world in general, are coming as part of the stealth Jihad whose goal is a total destruction of Western civilization as we know it. Is that what we as Jews want to enable?

Finally, you may argue that not all refugees subscribe to the nihilistic, apocalyptic vision of Islam and its drive to dominate the world. Perhaps you are right. But as the father of three young children and a husband of a beautiful wife, do I really want to play Russian Roulette with the lives of my loved ones? Do I really want to create another Sweden here where women are attacked and molested regularly and are now told to avoid public pools and to change the way they dress? Or perhaps you would like me to take a chance on creating another Austria here where a 10 year boy gets raped by one of the recently admitted refugees?" --Alex Liff