Saturday, December 10, 2016

MICHAEL FLYNN: What He Means for Trump's Foreign Policy

By Caroline Glick

In the US and around the world, people are anxiously awaiting US President-elect Donald Trump’s announcement of his choice to serve as secretary of state. There is no doubt that Trump’s choice for the position will tell us a great deal about the direction his foreign policy is likely to take.

But the fact is that we already have sufficient information to understand what his greatest focus will be.

Trump’s announcement last week that he has selected Marine General James Mattis to serve as his defense secretary is a key piece of the puzzle.

IGNORED: The One Hillary Campaign Insider Who Warned She That Would Lose to Trump

By Blake Neff

A major figure in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign warned she was in danger of losing the election days before the vote, but was ignored by the rest of her staff, a new write-up in Politico says.

Glenn Thrush has published a massive piece, “10 Crucial Decisions That Reshaped America,” detailing the key decision points in the 2016 campaign that led to President-elect Donald Trump’s surprising ultimate victory. But buried near the end of the article is a compelling anecdote about the hubris in the Clinton camp that brought about her final defeat.

In the last days of the campaign, Clinton was the overwhelming favorite according to most experts. Polls showed her with a consistent lead in key states, and several advanced forecasters regarded her chances of victory as 90 percent or more. Even FiveThirtyEight, the most pessimistic major forecaster, said Clinton’s chances were greater than 70 percent.

Clinton’s campaign largely shared this optimism, Thrush says, with the exception of one person.

Larwyn's Linx: White House and Political Intel Community Blame The Russians

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Image: Donald Trump Is Building the Most Conservative Presidential Cabinet In U.S. History
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Friday, December 09, 2016


By Michael Snyder

Why is our planet shaking so violently all of a sudden? There have literally been dozens of significant earthquakes right along the Ring of Fire within the past 30 days, and two giant ones made headlines all over the globe on Thursday. First, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck off the coast of Humboldt County, California, and that was followed later in the day by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in the Solomon Islands. But of course these latest earthquakes are just the latest examples of increased shaking along the outer perimeter of the Pacific Ocean. Experts are not quite sure what to make of all of this shaking, but they are warning that “the Big One” could strike the west coast at literally any time.

SANCTUARY: Rahm Emanuel Begs Donald Trump For Mercy

By Matthew Vadum

Chicago is one of the best places to live in America if you’re one of the millions of illegal aliens present in the country -- and free-spending, lawbreaking Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying his best to keep it that way.

Emanuel (D), who used to be a congressman and then President Obama’s chief of staff, dropped by Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday to urge President-elect Donald Trump to abandon his campaign promise to crack down on sanctuary cities.

“I also spoke out strongly about what it means to be a sanctuary city who will support and secure the people who are here, like my grandfather who came to the city of Chicago as a 13-year old 100 years ago,” said Emanuel who actually has no real bargaining power in the equation because he’s on the wrong side of the law.

Larwyn's Linx: The collapse of the political Left; Illegal Alien Deported 8 Times Kills Two Women

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Image: #NeverPuzder Trending Among Trump Supporters
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Thursday, December 08, 2016

ANGELA MERKEL: Germans Must Learn to Integrate With Immigrants

By Baron Bodissey

Below is an excerpt from a speech given by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the CDU (Christian Democrats) party congress on December 6th, when she announced her intention to run for re-election as chancellor next year.

It’s hard to believe the amount of applause she receives. And look at the ecstatic faces of her supporters in the CDU!

Amazingly enough, instead of dragging her out of her limo and administering summary justice on the street, the German people — or rather, “people who have lived in Germany for a long time” — actually VOTE for her. Over and over again.

Mass insanity is the only explanation I can think of for such suicidal behavior.

HEY: The Electoral College Worked!

Interesting observation from Al Bundy:
And let's not even get started on the rampant, systemic vote fraud and the fact that untold millions of illegal aliens and dead citizens are stealing the American franchise. My guess? An accurate ecount of legitimate voters would reveal a Trump landslide.

Larwyn's Linx: The Electoral College Prevents California from Imposing Imperial Rule on the Country

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Scandal Central

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Climate, Energy & Regulations

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Image: New York City,1943
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QOTD: "General Mattis's code name as SecDef will be General Mattis." --Fake Mattis Quotes